Why I started this blog

I’ve been a yo yo dieter for many years. I’ve tried no carbs, weight watchers, the heart attack diet, Jenny Craig (those desserts were the bomb), quick weight loss, slim fast and the dramatic weight loss diet. Some have worked and some have not. Now I’m seeing a dietician and this is the first time I’ve actually stuck with it. Oh don’t misconstrue what I’m saying there are still bumps in the road and I definitely find myself eating things that I know aren’t going to help me reach my ultimate goal but when I fall off the wagon I immediately get back on. This weight loss thing isn’t easy for me because I Love food especially bread and sugar. 😣😣 But what I have learned is that keeping a journal helps. So I decided to also start this blog so that maybe we can work on losing the weight together. 😉

So I’ve been binge watching my 600lb life and it amazes me how a person can lose 30 to 50 pounds in a month and I’m still struggling with losing these same 20 several months later. I definitely need to step my game up. I’ve been googling high protein low carb vegetarian diets and although I’ve never been good at pre-planning meals I know that I have to start somewhere because eating how I want or what I like isn’t working for me. I truly want to reach my goal weight however this has been a very long, challenging journey for me but no matter how many times I fall off I’m getting back on because I’m doing this for me. 😊 so for breakfast I had a green smoothie, 2 miles on my treadmill and 5 minutes on my rowing machine. 😉 And it’s just the beginning I’ve signed up for several marathons and there will be more. I am refocusing on my journey to weigh 145 pounds. 🤓

So I started back walking on Monday and although it’s like starting from scratch I’m talking the very beginning I’m optimistic that I can stay engaged and step it up. I am very focused about my journey and have no desire to give up. Oh yeah I fell off but I’m here again trying to stay on task of reaching my goal of weighing 145 pounds. I want to feel good about myself while feeling good. And I’m definitely excited about the possibility of being photographed with only one chin showing lol!! But I’m so serious. I am really self conscious about that but it’s up to me and I’ve got this 145 coming soon maybe not real soon but it’s coming.

I haven’t written anything for a while but nothing has changed about my goals. I had some depression and fell off a bit but I am ready to try and finish what I’ve started. My journey to get healthy, active and weigh 140 pounds. Today is the day I get back on track and focus on what I want. My first goal is to lose 30 pounds. I will keep you posted

A new day

So I didn’t fall off yesterday although it was hard. I went walking and shook it off. And today’s a new day. I’m optomistic that I will ultimately reach my goal. This time next year or before that I will weigh 145 pounds. I need this for me and no one else. It’s hard but nothing worth having has ever been easy for me. I am in a happy place in my life and I want to be in a healthy place as well. I want to feel good about me when I stand in front of a mirror and I’m not there. I love myself but I want better for me and that lets me know that I truly do love myself. Everyday I will continue to work on my goals not just losing weight but all of my goals to be a better me. I can. I will. I am. Baby steps 😊


I just ate a half cup of lima beans and a half cup of cabbage for dinner and I am not happy. It tasted good but I just want to eat something else. I know that I shouldn’t. Everyone around me is eating some amazing food and I have a horrible attitude about it. I’m trying really hard not to be emotional about food but my emotions are connected to food. I am going to stay strong and as soon as the sun lets up a little I’m walking. I really want this bad so I have to be strong. I have a lot of weight to lose. And if someone that weighs 600 pounds can lose weight so can I. I got this


I haven’t been able to reach my first goal which is to weigh under 200 pounds so I decided to switch it up and do the dramatic weight loss for a while.  I start today and will blog to keep up with my results as my first goal is to weigh under 200 pounds and my next goal is to weigh 180 pounds. I will resume walking at Stone Mountain on Saturday and will continue to work on getting to my ideal weight. This is very important to me and although I get discouraged and want to throw in the towel sometimes I won’t quit. Never will I give up on my goal

AS I sit here eating this protein bar I am seriously thinking about giving up. People eat these things everyday? really? But I won’t give up because I really want this for myself. I just have to remember who this is for and keep seeking motivation and stay focused. I am going to repeat this to myself everyday maybe a few times a day. “I want this for myself” I truly do. So when I get home I am going to not suck it in and take a picture of myself naked to keep as a reminder why this journey is so important. Please lawd don’t let me accidently ever send it to anyone.  I am going to keep trying and keeping learning what works for me so that I can keep it moving in a positive direction.  I will eventually weigh 145 pounds and I will not give up on my journey. I am my biggest cheerleader and “I want this for myself” 🙂

It’s been 2 months and I’m down 10.5 pounds. Not where I thought I would be but June wasn’t a good month. I hurt my knee so the walking everyday came to a halt and the more time I had on my hand the more snacks I ate. But I am back on the wagon now and I’m committed to journaling and staying focused. I have purchased healthy snacks and I will not be eating out so let’s see how this goes. I am averaging a pound a week so by this time next year I definitely could be 50 pounds lighter. I want this I truly do and I know that it’s up to me. See you at the finish line ☺😎

It’s getting rough but I got this 😉

I tore a ligament in my knee and I’m really in my feelings about it. I was in my zone walking anywhere from 6 to 12 miles daily watching what I ate and staying focused. And now I’m trying my best not to undo what I’ve accomplished but these feelings about my knee make me want to eat up some shiiiii and say forget this mess especially since I have a lot of clothes in this size umph. 😕 But since this isn’t the I’m about to say f it blog I’m going to suck it up get a MRI on my knee as ordered and find some other exercises that I can do and really start focusing on what I eat. So guess what tomorrow’s a Green Smoothie day 🤗.  Or Maybe not lol!!

Yesterday was a horrible day for me and my journey. I didnt eat breakfast which was a no no went to Wal-Mart to get a gift for my friend and saw those chocolate Twinkies and bought a box who in the h*ll keeps coming up with all these new ideas? that most people mainly speaking of me cant wait to try. 😣 so i get my box sit it on the front seat and start running errands stop by my moms house take two out of the box for her that leaves me 8 and as I pull off from her house the box is open so I eat one. I go to the outlet hop around moving my car from store to store and notice that after every store I feel the need to eat another one. Smh. Then as I head to visit my friend I stop by the Quick Trip and get an icy and some chips. I decided I didn’t really want the chips and ate another twinkie. Now there’s about 4 left. I offer my friend one and eat 2 and as I head home I empty the box. So that was my breakfast and lunch. Once I get home I have a few minutes to get myself together so that I can make my friends graduation celebration and I still haven’t eaten anything and Guess what I’m a vegetarian and as soon as I enter the room the scent smells of delightful meatballs GAWD help me. So I drank punch and eat cake. But Today I will start over. Yep again. I’ve had enough sweets to last me an entire month. Now I’m not saying those chocolate Twinkies aren’t calling me begging me to buy another box but I’m going to be strong and stay away at least for a few days. I got this. The goal is set and has to be met. 😉 Yesterday was a horrible day and what I’ve learned from that is I have to eat breakfast. Even if I’m in a hurry I could’ve grabbed some fruit or yogurt anything other than those chocolate Twinkies 😣